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strongSwan Denial-of-Service Vulnerability and Potential Authorization Bypass (CVE-2013-6075)

A DoS vulnerability and potential authorization bypass triggered by a crafted ID_DER_ASN1_DN ID payload was discovered in strongSwan. All versions since 4.3.3 are affected.

strongSwan 5.1.1 Released

We are happy to announce the release of strongSwan 5.1.1, which brings many new and improved features and fixes two DoS vulnerabilities.

strongSwan Denial-of-Service Vulnerability (CVE-2013-5018)

A DoS vulnerability in strongSwan was discovered, which is triggered by XAuth usernames and EAP identities in versions 5.0.3 and 5.0.4.

strongSwan 5.1.0 Released

We are proud to release strongSwan 5.1.0, which brings many new and improved features and fixes a DoS vulnerability.

strongSwan 5.0.4 Released (CVE-2013-2944)

strongSwan 5.0.4 fixes a security vulnerability which affects all versions since 4.3.5 if the openssl plugin is used for ECDSA signature verification.

strongSwan 5.0.3 Released

The strongSwan 5.0.3 release comes with DNSSEC-based authentication, EAP-RADIUS improvements, Trusted Key Management support and many other new features and fixes.

strongSwan 5.0.2 Released

The strongSwan 5.0.2 release brings many new and extended features.

strongSwan VPN Client for Android 4+

The free strongSwan VPN Client for Android 4 and newer can be installed as a normal app without the need for rooting the Android device.

strongSwan 5.0.1 Released

The strongSwan 5.0.1 release refines the 5.0 branch and comes with a bunch of new features.

strongSwan 5.0.0 Released

We are proud to release strongSwan 5.0.0, featuring a new IKEv1 implementation within the charon keying daemon and several other improvements.